Editorial Reviews. Review. “Jordan has come to dominate the world Tolkien began to reveal. You all can now get free access to this book written by Robert Jordan, Harriet McDougal and others. Instantly begin reading this captivating story within just. I made the mistake of downloading it today and quite honestly it appears to be nothing more than a cash grab. I was expecting something like the.

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Now The Wheel of Time Companion sheds light on some of the most intriguing aspects of the world, including biographies and motivations of many characters. The Wheel of Time Companion is an encyclopedia and guidebook to the world of The Wheel of Time. It was published in November It was written by. The Wheel of. Time. By. Robert Jordan .. Leading his horse toward Canluum, Lan paid as little attention to the stares he and his companion attracted as he did .

According to the Encyclopedia WoT website, most of the initial binding of The Eye of the World hardcovers went to libraries, while the paperbacks went to bookstores. There have also been several cheap or free paperback editions of The Eye of the World issued as promotions over the years to hook new readers. These were typically given massive print runs, so should be common -- although their cheaper mass market paperback bindings mean that good condition copies can be difficult to find.

The Eye of the World Signed hardcovers are naturally more-desirable than unsigned.

Jordan was not reclusive, and attended many book signings over the years. The Encyclopedia WoT website has a useful list of points to watch out for when evaluating first editions of the WoT books. Remember, condition is key! Be very wary of anything sold in online auctions, as it's impossible to accurately assess condition from digital images.

ABAA members have the experience and knowledge to assess condition and determine if signatures are genuine, so if you're hunting for a particular book, you would be well advised to work with an ABAA member to hunt on your behalf. You can find ABAA members near you here British publication usually followed publication in the US by a few months, so the American editions are the true first editions.

Minor differences include the British preference for the author name running horizontally across the spine while the title runs down the spine from top to bottom, instead of the title and author being printed from left to right across the spine on the US editions as in the image to the right.

Although, this was not a hard and fast rule, as American editions of The Eye of the World printed the title and author name vertically, while all the subsequent US books printed both horizontally until the eleventh volume, Knife of Dreams , when the vertical orientation was resumed. Pet peeve: Although, considering it took 23 years to complete WoT, we're probably lucky the publisher didn't change the design more during that time. This art was replaced by Darrel K.

Sweet's artwork on the dust jackets of later printings.

This early UK dust jacket is an interesting variation worth hunting down! In contrast, the British paperback covers have surely been among the lamest ever! British publishers have a history of publishing "adult" editions of popular fantasy or YA series with plain er covers, for those who don't want to be seen reading supposedly "juvenile" genres.

Perhaps it does grow the readership, but I'm not inspired to collect those editions.

Mapping The Wheel of Time

Limited, leather-bound, signed, deluxe editions of each book were published from book 4 The Shadow Rising onwards in the US.

Again, the Encyclopedia WoT has a list of points and records the numbers printed. Unfortunately, to my knowledge the publisher never went back and issued similar deluxe editions of the first books -- thwarting collectors who might want the complete set.

The British publisher, Orbit, did issue a collector's edition slip-cased of The Eye of the World in , but I cannot yet! In , Jordan's publisher, Tor, began publishing trade-paperback editions of the whole series with new covers. The artwork was originally created for the ebook release of the series, and each cover is by a different artist. Whether you wish to add this set to your collection really depends on your feelings about the art itself and maybe your shelf-space. If you have a collection of first-edition or signed hardcovers, keeping a trade paperback set around as reading copies is probably a good idea if, like me, you reread the series regularly!

Publishers occasionally mess up and fail to correct spelling errors before the printing presses roll. Nine times out of ten the error is minor and left uncorrected, as a new printing would likely make the book unprofitable -- plus they allow readers that feeling of superiority when they discover a typo!

Major errors can call for the entire print run to be pulped — or an errata slip added if the book is non-fiction. If the book had already been shipped to stores before the major error was spotted, these copies would be recalled.

When corrected, these errors are classified as different states of the same printing. The publisher usually fixes the typo, but does not change the edition or printing number on the copyright page, as the new printing simply replaces the defective one. Typically, the only people who remember the error occurred are rare book dealers and book collectors. Early dust jackets for The Fires of Heaven carried a typo: But pricing changes are not nearly as amusing as an unfortunate typo!

Occasionally, a batch of books is printed incorrectly: These errors usual affect only a small number of copies, so no general recall is ordered. Booksellers return the affected books as they notice them and the publishers pulp them. Dust jackets likewise can be slightly different due to errors or inconsistencies in the printing process.

Collecting Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time

While these can be interesting for collectors, they are not particularly prized unless the book itself is very rare or significant. In , Tor divided the first two books into four volumes and republished them for the thriving young adult market, adding some illustrations from a WoT roleplaying game book issued by Wizards of the Coast which I'll expand on below and new cover art by Charles Keegan.

In one of publishing's many "What If" scenarios, the award-winning artist Charles Vess was originally asked to provide cover and interior art for the first of these YA repackagings. His illustrations were ultimately deemed a poor fit for the books -- which seems odd, as the cover left is exactly in keeping with Charles Vess' aesthetic -- which might explain why the Wizards of the Coast artwork was re-used.

Ah, what might have been! The most-interesting thing about these YA-editions is the new material Jordan wrote for the first volume. While Egwene is one of the seven main characters, the first few books are generally centered on the three male leads, and the female ones only come into their own as the series progresses. In fact, from the fourth book onwards the majority of the chapters were written from a female perspective.

Reframing the narrative in this way was an interesting idea, and one that really changed the experience of reading the first book. Ultimately, the experiment must not have generated sufficient sales, as no further books were repackaged for the YA market after those first four. While this is outside the scope of this article, suffice to say that some fans collect original art or prints by their favorite illustrators, and obviously the original paintings created for book covers would be the ne plus ultra of someone's fantasy art collection; but prints signed by the artist are collectible also.

The Wheel of Time Series

More often than not, a book's author has an option to download that original painting, so they only rarely come to market. Sweet to paint over Ba'alzamon's face because it was creeping her out. He obliged, so that painting is now significantly different to how it appears on the cover.

If you are interested in frameable versions of the WoT book covers, keep reading or scroll down to the section on WoT calendars!

The audiobooks for the WoT use the same cover art as the books, so there's no new material or art per se -- with the exception of an audio interview with Robert Jordan included in the third audiobook. The narrators, husband and wife team Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, have recorded the audiobooks for the entire series, alternating chapters depending on the gender of the point-of-view character -- making them minor celebrities to WoT fans.

In , the prequel novel New Spring was adapted as a comics series. Following some production problems, it was eventually finished in A comics adaptation of The Eye of the World was begun in and completed in Both have been subsequently collected and published as a series of trade paperback graphic novels. Harriet McDougal has said that the plan is to eventually adapt the other books in the series, but no details of an adaptation of the next volume, The Great Hunt , have been announced at the time of writing.

While many countries use the same cover art by Darrell K.

Sweet as the original US editions, some have commissioned brand-new illustrations. Interestingly, a few simply have another artist copy Sweet's original designs, producing covers remarkably similar to the originals; but a few have clearly gone to the trouble of finding artists that have read the books and make an effort to break new ground in illustrating key scenes.

For what it's worth, Jordan once commented that the covers for the Spanish editions where his favorite. For many collectors, having some foreign-language editions with varied trim sizes and different artwork really enhances the shelf-appeal of their collection! They can also be helpful if you are trying to learn a new language. The accuracy and tone of the Sweet covers have long been controversial among fans, with Jordan himself often expressing dismay over inaccuracies.

Rather than rehash that here, let me illustrate the constraints cover artists work under. Typically, the artist receives only a few pages covering the scene the publisher wants on the cover. So, the artist must fill in the blanks as they can.

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The most-obvious example of this method causing problems is with the two cover paintings for the first book, where the artist includes a character who was ultimately written out of the book before publication! You can find high-resolution images here. Click-through and count heads if you don't believe me! You can spot them at a glance as they are about an inch and a half shorter than the regular hardcovers. They used the same cover art, so just look like " shrunken " books.

They are not hard-to-find. Click here to learn more about collecting science fiction book club editions Over the years, several scenes and stories were cut from novels or written for use elsewhere. These often found their way between boards eventually. Hard-core fans will want to read and own them all.

Originally published in the Legends anthology edited by Robert Silverberg. The first edition hardcover also includes some original WoT art by Darrell K. Sweet on the endpapers. All posts that may spoil book content need a spoiler designation, either in the title or with a link flair.

Eg "[Spoilers Winter's Heart] I love this book". Link flair can be added after posting, look for the "flair" link under the text of the post. If you want to talk about books beyond what is indicated in the title, use reddit's spoiler hiding features to ensure everyone has a good reading experience.

This format is sensitive to spaces, so be sure to check that your spoilers are properly hidden after posting. Check out this handy post for suggestions on what to read after you have finished The Wheel of Time! Please do not post links to unauthorized downloads of copyrighted material! Support the author! I made the mistake of downloading it today and quite honestly it appears to be nothing more than a cash grab.

I was expecting something like the big white book that was released years ago. The companion is not that. It is essentially a compilation of the glossaries for each book with maybe a few tidbits extra.

Very disappointing that Harriet, Brandon? If you thought that making the prologues purchasable was greedy, the WOT companion is significantly worse. Additional Thought: Maybe Red Eagle produced this because the quality reminded me of the dreadful pilot.

It's literally called "The Companion". A book to have on hand whilst reading or rereading the series. I'm sorry if you were expecting the Jimarrillion, but that's never what this project was intended as. I just got my copy. I'm not disappointed.

It's a cool little reference with extra background information on a bunch of characters that lacked in screentime in the books.

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However, to each his own If your idea of a cool tidbit, is Bela lives and has babies. Go team Harriet. For some people, it's worth it if for no better reason than the existence of a full Old Tongue dictionary. I understand that part ;however, I would be more than happy to provide anyone with that information. It was not worth the price of admission for me. I expected more.

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I just want people to have an honest viewpoint before they spend money on this. It would be a rent not a download for me. I dunno I kind of disagree with you. I definitely would've enjoyed something like the ASOIAF history of Westeros book with full color illustrations and a whole bunch of new info.

But thats just something we can never get because RJ is no longer with us. They really just gave us everything they had and thats all we can ask for, really. I think for the ultimate WoT nerd that wants to learn and maybe even memorize everything about the series, this is surely money well spent. I disagree, it's exactly what I expected based on the description and excerpts.

Basically an enhanced, authoritative glossary and encyclopedia. I suspect anyone disappointed wasn't keeping their expectations realistic. It's really nice and my only regret is it doesn't fit on my special WoT shelf that's already crammed too full with the hardcovers.

But I knew that going in! I felt similarly but upon reflection it is what is advertised, plus it will be super handy now on re-reads, so I can remember which Aes Sedai is which. That alone was worth the 20 bucks.Jordan was not reclusive, and attended many book signings over the years. The Eye of the World 2. You'll love the people, places and history that like never before. Tel'aran'rhiod is the "world of dreams", which connects to all of the other worlds. Rigney was quite a fast writer, allegedly writing his first unpublished novel in 13 days, and in the early s he wrote several Conan novels and a novelization of the film Conan The Destroyer.

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