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DOWNLOAD NOW And it's FREE Lace is the classic that secured Shirley Conran's place in the same high-octane sorority as Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz. Editorial Reviews. Unknown. Lace is glamorous careers movie stars, Greek shipping Shirley Conran (Author) $ Read with Our Free App; Hardcover $ 15 Used from $ 5 New from $ 1 Collectible from $ · Paperback. Lace, A Novel [Shirley Conran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App.

There's a very good article in the Guardian about how it's actually quite feminist , which basically sums up a lot of the reasons I enjoyed it. I really recommend the article, if you have ten minutes.

I think I also enjoyed this book because I came to it at the right moment - right now, I've just finished my degree s , and I'm trying to work out what to do with my life. I identify a lot with some aspects of all the characters, in terms of how they react to where they are in life, and what they want to do with it.

Shirley Conran's Lace is a feminist bonkbuster

I'm glad I read this now, because it was remarkably reassuring. I wonder, if I come back to it in a decade's time, whether I will think the same thing. It is, after all, quite a sheltered novel about very sheltered and privileged people - on which more in a second.

I also wonder how much more it will have dated in another decade, because it really has dated in the last 30 years. That didn't at all detract from how much I loved it, though - in fact, I think that escapism of being set in a different world to the world of made the bits I did identify with resonate more.

Let's talk briefly about how sheltered and privileged the characters in this book - and the book itself - are. And that is, very. They do well, when they want for money it is not on a desperate level, and they make up for it with luck, and influence. I don't even care how privileged it is, it's escapism. The world that Conran writes is clearly one she has grown up in.

She's been to a Swiss finishing school. She can spot vulgarity at sixty paces.

She describes the outfits of every character with a relish unparalleled in the sex scenes, and it's marvellous. Surprisingly, that doesn't grate with me at all - there's some quality to the book that just feels really observed.

I am a bit of a snob about my describers of old money - it's very difficult to pretend, and Conran's rich set sounds right, in some indefinable way.

I liked it. Did you reach an agreement with Tiger-Lili? How I wish that someone would invent a machine with a button that you press and suddenly you find yourself undressed, showered and in bed with your teeth cleaned. Very expensive. She used a pink cream to remove her makeup, a clear solution to exfoliate her skin and a white preparation to stimulate cell renewal while she slept.

Shirley Conran

Along the fine lines of her forehead, no more definite than the veins on a leaf since her face-lift, she traced a tiny paintbrush dipped in a solution of synthetic collagen.

Finally, her generously rounded right buttock, smooth as a peach thanks to regular treatments to dispel la cellulite, received a slimming injection. Carefully, she hung up her blue silk dress, then Maxine wrapped herself in an oyster-silk peignoir edged with point-de-Chazalle lace.

She brushed her hair with a hundred strokes, then climbed into bed, opened her maroon leather traveling office and dictated half a dozen memos to be telexed to her secretary on the following day. Then, in her large, loopy handwriting, she thanked Judy for making her so welcome in New York and wrote an encouraging note to Lili.

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She always wrote her thank-you notes at night, when she was still feeling grateful, no matter how late the hour. Maxine never considered it an excuse to neglect her body, her business, or her gift for expedient politeness. Her Jean Muir pink coat was thrown carelessly over the rose-velvet armchair and her discarded underwear was scattered over the malachite-green carpet. How are the dogs? Is Sophia doing her homework directly when she comes home from school? Are you helping her with geometry?

Thank heaven for Harrods and Globe Car Service. Huddled under the red-fox spread of her big, luxurious, peaceful bedroom, she restlessly gazed at the peach-colored walls and matching wild-silk curtains, at the pretty Victorian oil paintings of peaches and grapes, apples and apricots that hung from the walls.

The long-suffering Mrs. Lowe had walked out on her handsome, rich, debonair, double-crossing husband. What was equally surprising was that Griffin had immediately asked Judy to marry him. Old habits die hard. It worked just as you said it would! A good stage actor who needed an audience to produce his best work, who hated movies and only occasionally made one, strictly for the money.

He and Lili had lived together for two years and it was Simon who had originally persuaded Lili to search for her mother. A quiet, intelligent, thirty-five-year-old, he seemed secure enough to handle Lili with firm indulgence, seemed to understand that she needed more protection and attention than most men are prepared to give a woman. It was Simon who had given Lili the reassurance she had needed, and it was he who had realized that Lili needed to trace her mother in order to firmly establish her own identity.

Simon had pointed out that if Lili found her real parents, then she might stop looking for substitute parents to love in almost everyone with whom she became involved—which is why she was so vulnerable to the exploiters, the con men and the con women that the rich and the famous invariably attracted.

Now Simon held Lili to his handsome naked body and licked her ear with his long, curly tongue. Lady Swann? Lili wriggled. And she was only sixteen when it happened. He was an English student that she met in Switzerland, but he was drafted into the British army and died fighting the communists in Malaya. He never even knew she was pregnant. Lili thought for a moment. Pagan Swann started to say something, then thought better of it.

There was so much to talk about. Apparently all four girls paid Angelina for my keep. Judy intended to come to Switzerland for me as soon as she was able to support me by herself. But she was only a twenty-two-year-old secretary when I disappeared.

It was illegal and dangerous. She always felt safe with Simon, Lili thought as he began to kiss her. She trusted him. There was no need for him to dominate her, envy her or exploit her, because he was a successful actor in his own right. And she knew that he had her interests at heart.

Why else should he have encouraged her search for her mother? She felt contented and apprehensive. A fizz of anticipation colored all the chores of planning future issues of her magazine, because the future was now the future for both Judy and her daughter. She picked up the telephone. All her life she had thought of a mother as someone like her own mother—disappointed and inwardly desperate.

Motherhood, to Judy, meant drudgery, dependence and the sublimation of all the joy of living into faith in an unforgiving God. But now that Judy herself was a mother—truly a mother—with a living daughter to prove it, the notion of motherhood began to become exciting.

Her morning rushed by in a froth of delight. The ten men and women who created the magazine pulled up lucite chairs and hurled ideas at each other for an hour and a half over the long table, cold meats, cheese and sodas.

Judy found the Friday conference an excellent way to channel the thoughts of her staff for the weekend, and Monday always produced a satisfying stack of memos which crystalized the ideas that had been thrown about during the Friday brainstorming session.

Family life was a no-no on the magazine. Few principles were written on tablets of stone in that office, but one of the unbreakable commandments was that children should never be mentioned between those assertive, glossy covers.

Both Judy and Kate were childless. How about a regular feature on successful European women?

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Starting, of course, with internationally known actresses. He winked across the table at his wife, Kate, and Kate knew that the idea was about to get firmly kicked at, as Tom continued. Twenty-four hours ago, she, too, had also considered Lili a glamorous, irrelevant, continental pain in the ass.

The printers will probably need to replate. Correctly, they felt that she rather enjoyed wrecking editorial plans at the last moment, for the sake of squeezing in the most up-to-the-minute material. Only the Avedon portrait. This morning over breakfast, Kate had been oddly reticent about her meeting with Lili.It reminded her of Cairo.

All her life she had thought of a mother as someone like her own mother—disappointed and inwardly desperate. Although neither of them spoke about it, the past sixteen years had been a very special bonus—but sixteen years of constant care to keep him alive and working would be triumphantly worth that effort if now, as seemed likely, he might at last succeed within the next ten years.

Just before she reached it, the door was opened by a thin woman with gray hair that matched her dress. And she knew that he had her interests at heart.

We watch Judy rise to the top in fashion, then magazine publishing, Kate becomes a war correspondent and Maxine makes her name in interior design. Wilson had done an excellent job and it had only cost a thousand pounds, including the anesthetist and the London clinic bill.

She describes the outfits of every character with a relish unparalleled in the sex scenes, and it's marvellous.

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