The major one is the universal force of creation, the same which brought our physical universe into existence. But there are other forces that manip- ulate the. There is a wormhole right in the centre of our brains which can catapult us into a parallel world. This world can be experienced with the same level or greater. A follow up to Multidimensional Man it covers the seven years after its publication , drawn from reports of over sixty hours spent in hyper lucid Out-of-Body states.

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Multi-dimensional Man is a compilation of experiences that the author has had from the 's up until the mid's. The book is organised into various. MULTIDIMENSIONAL MAN BY JURGEN ZIEWE PDF. Merely link to the internet to get this book Multidimensional Man By Jurgen Ziewe This is why we imply. Multidimensional Man book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Leading a highly demanding professional life Jurgen Ziewe compe.

But maybe they could not get through. Maybe also it depends on how eveolved you are spiritually. Thanks for the other link. Yes, I can imagine that but then what about deceased loved ones trying to get through?

Multidimensional Man

Some people know they are dead too but still no one can get through. But what he says is that we have to work out our emotional issues before going to higher levels. For example his own mother was very depressed before passing away and it seems that her own mother could not get through and she stayed in the lower realms for years. I guess what surpirsed me is that he said that most of us go to the lower levels first to work out our issues.

The Multidimensional Networks of Complex Systems

I recommend this book. Also from the stand point of a newbie is was really eye opening. I hope it is interesting, i will try to find them Vespa, l was reading about this yesterday in the book 'less lmcomplete'. I practice using tarot cards and qabalistic symbols as gates, anyone may do so, and experience, if not the exact same places and people that I do, at least their own personal interpretation of the same plane.

I have also stood on the shore of an ocean and experienced the type of place that Ziewe describes in Multidimensional Man , but I have no idea if it is the same place or another because he can't explain how he got there.

That is my only criticism of this journal. A method that allows his experiences to be replicated would be an invaluable addition to his and everyone else's consciousness research.

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I poked around on his website: My suggestion of the artwork gates would be a lot lower tech, but I think it would work just as well. If you are interested in finding a consciousness exploration method that works for you, I recommend: The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan remote viewing , meditation or self hypnosis like Relax RX by Steven Gurgevich also useful for general relaxation too , or use gates to access deeper consciousness as described in Paths of Wisdom by John Michael Greer.

Don't be discouraged if one method or another doesn't work. Keep going until you find the one that clicks. I write my own path walks on my blog: My work differs from Ziewe's in that I use a system that is already in place: Also, my experiences are very story-like and contain metaphorical lessons in consciousness rather than randomness.

Why that is, I don't know. It could be the method that I'm using or my own lens of perception that is molding the experiences.

Who knows Jul 03, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I bought this book after reading Ziewe's book, Vistas of Infinity.

I enjoyed them both but Vistas is my favorite of the two. Both chronicle the author's OBEs.

For better or worse, I am often skeptical when reading about people's supernatural experiences, but not with Ziewe. Secondly, I have watched a couple of interviews with Ziewe, and he comes across as an incredibly kind and sincere person.

Besides some truly incredible ac I bought this book after reading Ziewe's book, Vistas of Infinity. Besides some truly incredible accounts, what I love about both books are the spiritual insights they impart.

Ziewe is definitely not trying to sell anyone on a philosophy or a religion, but based on his accounts, you can't help but get a sense of a bigger picture, one that puts this lifetime in perspective. Jul 09, Panda rated it it was amazing.

I found the authors recounts amazing. As having read most of Castaneda's works I could draw parallels between the two. Especially since attending workshops with IAC and reading published works by Waldo Vieira I have found my own personal astral travel experiences amplified. Thoroughly enjoyed the read and would recommend to those wanting to understand deeper and lift the veil on parallel universes and dimensions.

View 2 comments. May 22, Laura Simmons rated it really liked it. This is a non-fiction book about a man who can astral travel to many interesting dimensions. Jurgen Ziewe documents his adventures on the astral plane in a journal-type format.

It is definitely mind-bending. Some of his experiences were easy to read and understand and others not so much, at least for my linear way of thinking!

It took me a while to finish because for me, this is reference material to spark ideas as I write my next paranormal romance novel, Dark Karma. I recommend Multidimensiona This is a non-fiction book about a man who can astral travel to many interesting dimensions. I recommend Multidimensional Man to those who have an avid interest in astral travel, dreams, and alternate realities. Jul 05, Stephen Monroe Monroe rated it really liked it.

Wonderful writing, amazing imagination and an engaging personal story of spiritual seeking and development behind the colorful stories. A great read for anyone interested in what other people's out of body experiences are like and what they can be. Aug 25, Sverre rated it it was ok Shelves: The book contains a bewildering array of out-of-body situations. Worlds of suffering. But at least he should be congratulated for having maintained his own sanity and continued to function productively through it all.

It struck me as ironic that the author repeatedly warns his readers no to adhere to systems of belief or rely on faith but rather that personal experience and realization should provide the motivation in life and yet he expects us to believe his diarized other-dimensional experiences, theories and propositions as authentic.

He elucidates five types of power to employ when manipulating the subtle dimensions: After all, belief nurtures hope. Jul 19, B rated it really liked it. Interesting read. If a person with such meditational control added a strong foundation of bodhicitta, it could really help beings and the world.

Tom rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Joel rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Amrit Sagoo rated it really liked it Jul 14, ZenDoe Frank rated it really liked it May 15, Terry Allen rated it it was amazing May 28, Andrew Maggs rated it really liked it Nov 07, Angela Delglyn rated it really liked it Jan 25, Sven Heck rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Gavin Whyte rated it it was amazing Feb 23, Jmaloney rated it really liked it Dec 11, Bruce Collins rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Michael Howk rated it really liked it Aug 30, Paul Vittay rated it liked it Dec 29, Micmoc rated it liked it Jun 11, Mr Ben Crabtree rated it really liked it Jan 26, Jens rated it liked it Aug 13, Sonia rated it really liked it Jun 08, Healthy controls and patients were instructed to move the hand, or imagine moving the hand, on the side of presentation of a target tone motor planning.

For better or worse, I am often skeptical when reading about people's supernatural experiences, but not with Ziewe.

Visualize her gesture! London: Methuen, The goal of the methodology is to provide means of analyzing and understanding the dynamic behavior of systems of all degrees of complexity.

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