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The Rules of Life: A personal code for living a better, happier, more successful kind Richard Templar is the author of the international bestselling Rules books. download The Rules of Life: A personal code for living a better, happier, more kind of life 3 by Richard Templar (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. download The Rules of Life:A personal code for living a better, happier, more successful 4 by Richard Templar (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store.

Happiness is a great side effect. When it comes, accept it gratefully. But it's fleeting and unpredictable.

It's not something to aim at — because it's not an aim. And if happiness is the purpose of life, what happens when you're unhappy?

Then you're a failure". Such thinking is reflected in contemporary stories such as Pinocchio , The Lion King and Harry Potter , or ancient stories from the Bible.

In it, he describes his own personal struggle when it was discovered that his daughter, Mikhaila, had a rare bone disease. It also outlines a practical way to deal with hardship: to shorten one's temporal scope of responsibility e. The withdrawal of Peterson's book was prompted by social media photos of Peterson posing with a fan wearing a T-shirt saying "I'm a proud Islamophobe.

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They are happy, have time for people, and always seem to know what's important - and how to deal with those things that aren't. Is there something they know or do that we don't? Is it something we could all learn?

The answer is a resounding yes. They know the Rules of life.

The Rules of life are the guiding principles that will help you get more out of life, shrug off adversity more easily, and generally be a happier, calmer, more fulfilled person. Review Text With a stunning new look in , and with more new Rules than ever, get ready to experience the show more. Over 2 million people around the world have enjoyed and now play by Richard Templar's Rules.

The complete list of titles is as follows: All of these titles will be refreshed and re-launched in Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

You are only ever as happy as your unhappiest child

You have to be prepared for them to be independent, strong , out in the world separate from you 5. Be the first to say sorry 6. Go that extra step in trying to please them 7.

Always have someone — or something — that is pleased to see you 8. Know when to listen and when to act 9. Have a passion for your life together Make sure your lovemaking is making love Keep talking, it helps us understand, listen, share and communicate Respect privacy Check you both have the same shared goals Treat your partner better than your best friend Contentment is a high aim If you are going to be a friend, be a good friend.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B Peterson – digested read

The most important bit is being there, not just for the good times 2. Never be too busy for loved ones 3.

Have a little respect and forgiveness for your parents 5. Give your kids a break 6. There are no bad children 8.

Be up around people you love 9. Give your kids responsibility Your children need to rebel to leave home Your role as a kid, you have a duty to be courteous, thoughtful and cooperative toward your parents Your role as a parent, supportive, encouraging, kind, patient, educational, loyal, honest, caring, loving Part IV: Social rules 1.

The difference between us is so very little when you wipe away the veneer we all wear 2. Take pride in what we do collectively 5. Hang out with positive people 7.

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Be generous with your time and information 8. Get involved 9. Keep the moral high ground. It tastes a lot better than revenge Have a plan for your career Learn to see your community as part of a bigger picture And yeah the rules can be a reminder or something of how to deal with the day-to-day situations given that people don't have time to think anymore!

I really believe Templar is right when he says the secret to life comes down to choice, and I do believe the guidance in this book will help readers make better choices. Why would I put my job on the line to have an opinion about compelled pronouns?

The writing quality was like a conversation one would have in the tavern before those two glasses of wine started streaming through your veins.

So by listening to someone you are giving them a gift as you are helping them fulfill their basic human need to be understood.

In other words, stop comparing yourself to who someone else is today. At least I know I don't follow some of these rules as often as I'd like.

No fear, no surprise, not hesitation, no doubt Strive to be the person around whom good things revolve and happen. Dedicate yourself personally to things you can change, areas where you can make a difference.

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